New UMass EGO Facebook Page!

facebook logoWe know you spend all your time there, so we thought we’d make it easier to bring your worlds together: EGO now has an actual page (not just a fake person you can friend!) you can keep up with.  Like it, follow it, and share your English Graduate student news and musings with us.

Other useful things you can do with UMass EGO on Facebook:

  • Ask questions of your peers about important upcoming UMass administrative deadlines
  • Find out where that EGO meeting was supposed to be (since you’re in Bartlett and vaguely remember that there was a wine and cheese meeting today)
  • Give a shout-out to your colleague who will be speaking at an upcoming conference
  • Ask for help painting your walls in your new apartment
  • Coordinate rides to Quarters
  • Remind your peers about a CFP deadline you think sounds really good

No, really: we want this to be a useful resource for your graduate student life at UMass.  Join us!


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